High performance edge data processing software enginere for embedded systems. It has the following features:

  • Platform independent and lightweight.
  • Easy to use and integrated with Matlab and ROS.
  • Add-ons for robotics, aerospace, space and rapid development.

  • Blazingly fast data processing – up to 40% performance increase.
  • Large increase in stability and scalability.
  • Complex problems become notable easier to solve.
  • Reduce development time up to 50%.

Autonomous embedded systems with the following requirements:

  • Edge data processing with limited computational resources.
  • Systems that need to process large and/or high rate sensor data.
  • Complex algorithms to be performed onboard.

Examples of these systems are:

  • Vision based navigation:
    • Mission critical robotics or UAVs
    • Space rendezvous or planetary landing
  • AI robotics
  • UAV or robotics swarms.
  • Sensor data fusion for self-driving cars, robotics, UAVs and Spacecrafts.
  • Surveillance drones or rovers.